Redefine Buildability. Expand Creativity.

At Fologram, we believe in the power of technology to extend human skills and craftsmanship and enable the fabrication of breathtaking form. Fologram creates mixed reality software to unlock creativity, accelerate mastery and improve productivity for anyone who works with their hands.


Lusail Whaleshark

Fologram, Soomeen Hahm, Igor Pantic and Format Engineers

Steampunk Pavilion


Independant, Open and State of the Art

Privately owned and self funded, we constantly reinvest our revenue into research and development of our software platforms. We use Fologram in our own design projects, proving the value proposition and publishing the results with the research community. Because of this, our platform and implementation remains state of the art for mixed reality fabrication.


Following Holograms since 2017

Developing design software for architectural experimentation is in our DNA. We have been working with the HoloLens since late 2016 when we began experimenting with mixed reality fabrication with students at RMIT University. These early prototypes proved how the HoloLens could enable the fabrication of beautifully intricate sculptural form, and Fologram was founded in 2017 to bring accessible mixed reality to everyone. Fologram is now used by leading universities, fabricators and design practices around the world, generating award winning design outputs and creating a new community of researchers exploring mixed reality fabrication.


Ex Nihilo Studio

Leadership Team

Made in Melbourne

Fologram is co-founded and led by Gwyllim Jahn, Cam Newnham & Nick van den Berg and based in Melbourne, Australia. With extensive experience in computional design, digital fabrication and XR development, we are passionate about the potential of mixed reality to transform the way we design and build.