Workshops and Onboarding

Design-build workshops

We run in-person multi-day design build workshops for Fologram clients around the world. Workshops can help upskill staff and students, explore new ideas for mixed reality fabrication and develop prototype projects for public exhibition.


Implementation in Pilot Projects and Research

We provide implementation guidance and advice to accellerate setting up workshop spaces for mixed reality fabrication, adopting best practices for training end users, or maximising precision on complex fabrication projects.

Learn how we helped RUBI Lab at Cornell University to achieve millimeter precision in mixed reality applications for glulam manufacturing:

Cornell University

Augmented Reality for Glulam Manufacturing

Design Commissions

Art and Architecture

We have extensive experience in delivering small-scale bespoke design commissions for art and architecture. We work with clients to develop unique designs that combine the advantages of computational design with bespoke hand craft in mixed reality.